Friday, March 20, 2009

So Much Blood...

Monday March 9th 2009:

I woke up to the sound of Digi vomiting. I got up right away to help calm her. The vomit was brownish. This wasn't the first time this has happened & I thought little of it as I assumed she got into a pile of cat puke that I didn't see (darn cat got into the trash) & there must have been some cheese in it. As Digi always vomits or has a little blood when she gets into anything related to a cow.

I gave her a carrot cookie as she typically doesn't puke again.

I came home from work, and did my typical after work things; eat dinner, play with Digi, feed the cat, play on the computer, & relax with my boyfriend.

I hear Digi trying to vomit in the livingroom. I rushed out to calm her & I was horrifyed by what I was seeing. It was like I was in a horror movie. I just stood there not knowing what the hell to do, say or think.

While Digi was gaging in preperation to vomiting she had water pouring out of her mouth, then shortly after she vomited a lot of water.

I'm freaking out thinking Digi is poisoned as I have been using ant poison to kill ants in the house, as I have NEVER seen a dog vomit like that before. I called the Vet ER & they made me call Poison Control. $60.00 I learn that the poison I used is harmless to dogs. If eaten in a massive amount it might give an upset tummy. Since I had used 5 drops in total & I put them in containers & the bottle is untouched they said she is not poisoned from the ant poison, but she is very ill (no shit!)

I put Digi's doggy seatbelt on & put her in the car. I rush to the ER Vet to learn I'm at the wrong one. The one I want is 4 more blocks away on the same street.


So I speed down Shepherd Ave hoping I don't run into a cop & pass the Vet ER... Breaks followed by a U-turn & I was finally there. I carried Digi into the clinic as I wasn't sure if allowing her to walk would make things worse.

Its times like this I'm glad she cannot make body fat, so she weighs under 30lbs.

Time unknown as brain is freaking out:
We are in the waiting room & Digi bends over & has liquid poop everywhere. OMG the smell!

We were moved to a different room so we wouldn't die from the fumes. Digi never has smelly poops.

Once I was finished filling out the paperwork, the ladies allowed Digi to run free in the main room as she was crazy hyper & no one was there + the doors were locked.

Digi was having a blast getting loving from the 2 ladies, & then it happened. Blood poop.. Ok there was no poop, it was all blood. This is when I started screaming bloody murder, in my head. I'm calm & quiet in all situations, but I'm always freaking out inside.

Now everyone is worried as Digi is now bleeding from both ends, but shes still happy & playful.

Time still unknown:
We see the vet. Long story short... If I need to pay $1500.00/day for 1-3 days to TRY to save her.

After being told Digi was going to die everything else out of his mouth meant nothing. I don't have $1500.00 for even 1 day :(

I spent $200.00 on medication, called dad & cried all the way home with Digi sitting beside me all happy that shes going for another car ride.

I arrive at home. I tell good night, he sends Digi & I love, & I hang up. I'm still crying (quietly I'm really not vocal), I pick Digi up & carry her into the house. I'm being as quiet as possible so I don't wake my boyfriend up.

Still crying while thinking & texting a friend in CA, USA.

She begs me to get some sleep so I don't get sick, so I went to bed.

Look at clock still crying.


March 10th 2009:

The alarm goes off for me to get up to get Jordan's breakfast and lunch ready. I get up and stumble into the kitchen. I did nothing but cry.

The 2nd alarm goes of for Jordan to wake up. He gets up and stumbles to his feet. I walk to the bedroom & he asks if she was poisoned & if shes ok. I stood there just looking at him. He rushes over & hugs me tight & asks whats wrong, will she be ok?

I told him the news I was given, but didn't give any details as my brain had only 1 thing on it.

I drive Jordan to work & he is late. I'm still crying

I arrive back home & curl up on the bed to try to get a few more mins of rest as I'm dead tired from crying & having no sleep.

My alarm to leave the house to get to work goes off.

I'm late for work & I'm just getting into the car.

I put on my earpiece & call Digi's regular vet in hopes they could do something to help her, or I'd get them to put her down for me.

I'm talking to someone (forget who) at the vets office & told them everything. They are very upset as Digi is a very popular dog there amung the staff. They told me to come in for 11am & we'll go from there. They told me to they'll put me on a payment plan if there is any hope for her as shes still young & has always been a fighter.

I arrive at work still crying. I wipe my face dry & head to the front door & walk as fast as I can to my old Managers office as my current manager isn't in until later. I tell Gilad everything & he tells me to go home & do whatever I need to to help my dog.

I packed up my laptop told a couple co-workers what happened & that I wont be in for a few days. Everyone sends their wishes, & I leave. A couple people saw me crying & rushed out to see what on earth was wrong. They started crying & demand to be kept updated as they are very worried about her.

11am or something:
I arrive at the clinic still crying. I beg them to help her.

Dr.Hill takes her right away & I tell him everything I know. After feeling her all over, looking at her, taking her temp. poking, proding, feeling some more, Dr. Hill tells me what he knows its not. He said its not what the ER Vet told me it was as the blood was fresh. He said it could be a Bacterial or Viral infection, or a twisted intestine, or a foren object lodged in her system somethere.

He said he doesn't think she is going to die, but she is a very sick dog & if not treated asap then yes, it can get very bad quickly.

After much talk he said she should stay the day for IV Fluids, however that means she'll be alone all night long & thats not good as no one is here at night.

Since she is known to freakout in the kennels & gets stressed out being alone he said hes going to put fluid under the skin to get her hydrated as shes very hydrated. Then I can take her home as I'm going to be home all day & for as long as I need to monitor her closely. He said if she doesn't improve within 24hrs then she must stay here to get an IV.

Time unknown:
Digi gets many shots & 2 balls of fluids under the skin. She remained calm through everything & once on the floor she was all wiggles wanting to see everyone. Dr. Hill said thats a good sign that shes in high spirits, it'll make this much easier for her to fight.

I paid $200.00 then put Digi in the car & call dad right away with the MUCH better news!

I arrive at the vets so she can get more fluids under the skin, as it needs to be done twice a day until she can drink on her own. I'm too early so Jordan, Digi & I site in the waiting room with Rebecca one of the vet techs. Digi is her fav so she came out right away to see Digi. Digi got all kinds of loving from her and got a new Bandana :)

Rebecca takes us all downstairs to give Digi Fluids as the other room is in use. Dr. Hills young son (14-16 I think) was down there to help out as he wants to be a vet like his dad, so he comes in after school to learn & help.

Jordan put Digi on the table & Rebecca put the IV under her neck skin & the young lad held it in place.

Digi was a perfect little girl for him to work with as shes non-vocal, very friendly, & doesn't fight or flinch much when getting shots. He was very happy to work on her & he was very gentle too.

Time unknown:
The 3 of us head back home. Did I mention its 40km one way? But I'll drive anywhere to take her to the best of the best! I love that office as they have always been very good with Digi.

March 11th 2009:

Digi & I arrived at the vets again for more fluids under the skin & a checkup with Dr. Hill.

Dr. Hill is impressed on how much better she looks already. He looked at her blood tests and he said well, its not Adult Dog Parvo or Viral. He said hes nearly positive she has an extreamly sensitive digestive system & she can no longer tollerate the things shes allergic too.

He said if she keeps improving he doesn't need to see her again, but I have to give updates on her & I can start feeding tomorrow. HURRAY!

I called dad & told him the wonderful news!! Then I sent text messages to all my friends.

March 12th 2009:

Jordan my boss hands me a brand new Easy Connect Network IP Camera (LNE3003) for me to set up at home so I can monitor Digi from work so I can feel more at ease. I think its been obvious that I was terribly worried about Digi while at work.

I set it up that night & it was ready to use for tomorrow.

March 13th 2009:

I turned on the LNE and left for work.

I arrived at work & everyone came over to see Digi sleeping in her kennel. I watched her all day & damn did it feel good.

Digi just before she fell asleep

March 20th 2009:
Digi is finished 4/5 medications, she just has the antibiotics left as she had to start them much later then the rest of the medications in hopes of preventing an upset tummy.

Digi has been herself for the past 2-3 days. Shes running all over the house, & chasing the cat!

Digi has been sleeping on our bed since she fell ill as we wanted her close to us as possible. If she keeps behaving she'll be allowed to always sleep on our bed, but she'll still be tied as shes still a pup & will get into things if not supervised.

Digi isn't just a dog, shes a family member... she is loved & treated like one too.